The impending arrival of a new baby is amazing.  It`s scary, it`s excitement and worry and all other emotions you go through…and that`s just the first 10 minutes lol…JK!  All joking aside this wonderful time in a couples lives goes by so quickly. Just ask any parent. While some days may drag on and you are tired, sore and moody…once your little one arrives and a new adventure begins for you, those feeling and memories will be a little distant.  Fast forward to one year ahead and it feels like an eternity away.

Another reason why it is important to document your pregnancy milestone with beautiful photographs.  Your future self will be so happy that you did.  To be able to look back and these beautiful images with pride and love.  That is just what this beautiful young mama and her husband did recently in studio.




Stay tuned for this little baby`s newborn session coming soon!  Any guesses what mom is having?

Maternity sessions and these beautiful flowers are exclusive to Petra King Photography and Aspen Florist!  Curious to learn more or want to book a session?  Drop me a message HERE and let’s get celebrating you and your impending arrival!

See  you soon xo



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