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  • Thank you SO much for being here! My name is Petra King, and I have been in business for the last 9+ years! I am a so honored to be able to work with you and your family!

    I love when life's moment, a good sense of timing and a keen eye allow me to capture those precious moments. Whether it be during a pregnancy, the first days of a newborn’s life, or to create a photographic record of your family together. Come enjoy a whole new experience of Boutique Business. You won’t be disappointed! Feel free to check out my portfolio by clicking the button above! See you soon!
    For inquiries please fill out the form or email me at 112,101,116,114,97,64,112,101,116,114,97,107,105,110,103,112,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,121,46,99,111,109moc.yhpargotohpgnikartep@artep. I can be reached at 289-892-6835 or please feel free to email me for a full Pricing and Product Guide.

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend everyone!

I would like to share some exciting news with you all.

Barefoot Health Naturopathic Clinic and Petra King Photography have joined forces to network and bring you the very best in Durham Region for your growing families.  Please help me extend a warm welcome and in case you are not aware of all the services they offer here is some more information.

Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Fertility, Pregnancy Care, Baby & Child Health Care, Women’s Health, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Immune Health Clinics.

For more information please visit the website or call.  They would love to hear from you regarding any questions or concerns you may have.




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Brand new…this gorgeous little one came to visit with her mom and dad recently.  She was a dream to photograph at 7 days old.  Dainty…and very sleepy!  If you are expecting or know someone who is, the best time to book is while you are still pregnant. Newborn arrivals are unpredictable but they do take priority.  Enjoy her little “true grins” and hope you have a great evening!



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It’s a question that I get asked a lot.  Why I love doing what I do?  Out of all the types of different photography fields…why newborns?  So it was time to share my thinking with you.

When I first started out I thought that all the “posed” style full of props was the way to go. It’s what everyone was wanting or expected.  I quickly realized that although beautiful, this wasn’t “me”. I felt something was missing.  So…as time wore on and I allowed myself to flow and work smoother in my sessions and focus on “why” clients decided to have a newborn session.

It was easy…

To celebrate a new life and focus on baby.  Pure and simple.

Over time I learned to gently guide babies bodies… into a more “natural experience”.  A simplistic approach to my photography business and a wonderful experience for mom and dad.   Being unique in all you do is important to me.  Connecting on an emotional level with my customers has been amazing.  To see people connecting with my work and have it resonate with them cannot be described but rather felt.

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce


Durham Region Toronto Newborn Baby Photographer

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