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  • Thank you SO much for being here! My name is Petra King, and I have been in business for the last 6+ years! I am a so honored to be able to work with you and your family!

    I love when life's moment, a good sense of timing and a keen eye allow me to capture those precious moments. Whether it be during a pregnancy, the first days of a newborn’s life, or to create a photographic record of your family together. Come enjoy a whole new experience of Boutique Business. You won’t be disappointed! Feel free to check out my portfolio by clicking the button above! See you soon!
    For inquiries please fill out the form or email me at 112,101,116,114,97,64,112,101,116,114,97,107,105,110,103,112,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,121,46,99,111,109moc.yhpargotohpgnikartep@artep. Please note NEW Contact # 289-892-6835 Please feel free to email me for a full Pricing and Product Guide.

I am always excited when asked to photograph a maternity session.  Whether it is the first or second child being welcomed into a family, being able to build that connection with mom before her little arrives is truly amazing.  This gorgeous lovely lady met up with me over Labor Day weekend and instantly we clicked.  She is so down to earth and easy going that motherhood will come naturally for her and her husband.  Here are a few from our session that hot muggy and rather buggy morning. Mom looks as cool as a cucumber and is simply glowing!  I so can’t wait to meet this little one when he arrives;)

Don’t you agree she is beautiful…all baby!  x

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If you missed out on this amazing sale, stay tuned I will be releasing some more session openings for the Fall!  They go FAST!  I will announce them on the FanPage in a few weeks!  If you are not a Fan already, head on over, I’d love to see you there.

I can always be reached at OR 289-892-6835




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A little on the personal side.  It’s been a while since I have shared anything that directly pertains to me so thought it was about time to do so.  Having been in the industry for a little more than 9 years I have grown a love and appreciation for collectibles pertaining to photography.  However most don’t scratch the surface for what I’d like to share with you.  You see about 2 years ago I was gifted some vintage camera’s.  While most think of them as being musty, scratched, worn and weathered and not operational, I on the other hand know that they have captured memories for people.  To know that they were used with loving hands before being thrown away in the attic or basement. Makes me wonder how many actuation’s were actually clicked on these little guys.  From Kodak Brownie’s to Zorki’s, here are just a few that I own, that make me happy.  I love them just as is..aged with character.


Saving the best for last, this little beauty holds a special sentimental value to me.  This is a Petri camera. Purchased back when he was 16/17 yrs old by my Dad.  This was his first camera in Barbados!  It came in the original leather case, has the original strap and all working parts. It smells of salty Bajan air and all round oldness lol.    Check out the lens, yep it works. But it even has little grains of sand that you can see visible around it.  I would love to get some film for it one day and have shoot for fun.  the funny story is Dad sold it to a friend back in 1969 and than emigrated to Canada.  As the years past, and technology allowed us to reconnect with old friends, he purchased it back from his friend. So cool that it was still around for him to do that.  Needless to say you can understand why it holds a special spot for me.

So whether you have old or new, iPhone or top of the line…use your equipment to the best you can.  Capture those memories and make sure to document the little things in life that make you smile.  I have a long list of people that I  love to do this for on a regular basis.  This my friends is a privilege, an honor and you mean as much to me as my own family.  Thank you!

See you all soon,




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